This website has been established, on behalf of the Flanders family, to give people the opportunity to support them in their time of need. They are dealing with unimaginable losses, and have a long battle ahead.

The Flanders family has been long time residents of South Eastern Arizona. Anyone who knows them would say that they are wonderful people and have always helped and cared for their neighbors in any way they could.

James, and his wife, Tanya had left Arizona, and moved to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, to establish a church. The congregation started out with only a few members, but a few quickly grew to hundreds. The church eventually expanded into a widely popular, multi-service branch of Calvary Chapel, specifically, Calvary Chapel Emerald Coast. James served diligently as the lead pastor for several years. Throughout his tenure as a pastor in Florida, James demonstrated countless acts of selflessness for less fortunate members of the congregation. On multiple occasions, he had offered the space in his home to prevent members from having to sleep outside, or in a home where they didn’t feel safe. He had led the way in developing not just a church, but a community. He inspired thousands of people through his love of music, and through his teachings he brought hope and inspiration to many.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, James and Tanya’s families were experiencing dire unnamed3health concerns. While James was providing his services as pastor, his brother-in-law, and sister-in-law had passed away unexpectedly in the same year. Both James and Tanya’s parents were getting older and developing life threatening health issues. James and Tanya felt strongly that they needed to return to Arizona to provide care for their parents. They struggled with the decision to leave Florida, because they had formed many close relationships with people who had become like family while James was ministering in Ft. Walton Beach. However, James and Tanya knew that their elderly parents needed them more, and they wanted to spend as much precious time with them as possible.

James lost his father on February 26, 2015. Not only is James mourning the loss of his father, but he is also witnessing his sister’s hard battle against brain cancer. James has always provided comfort, emotional and financial support, along with anything else, for his grief ridden mother, and all of his family in their hard times.

The Flanders Family’s plague of hardship has been nearly continuous. In the desolation of James father’s tragedy, Tanya had been regularly caring for her own father as well. Only three weeks after James father’s death, Tanya shockingly discovered her father’s demise. She found him on the following morning, after she had spent her time with him on his final day. The Flanders Family’s unfortunate progression of turmoil only becomes more and more painful.

unnamed2You have heard, through the media that James is currently under investigation for the disappearance of someone that he had previously helped during his residence in Florida.  He has since been extradited from Arizona to Florida, where he is currently being detained until he can defend his innocence in court.

Our judicial system says that you are innocent until proven guilty. Yet, in this case it seems to be the opposite, James must prove his innocence. The media televised a one-sided, romanticized, Hollywood concept that made doubtable claims for the cause of the disappearance of the person in question. The state is now accusing James of this terrible mishap. The expenses involved in proving James’s innocence are causing an enormous burden, both financially and emotionally, for him and his entire family. James was essentially the sole financial provider for his family. Now that James is being detained, he is unable to afford the cost of bail, legal advice, or support for his unintentionally abandoned family.

Tanya has taken over James’s position as sole provider. She has been working nearly non-stop since the loss of James.  She is trying new trades, and is willing to entertain new undertakings to provide for her family.  Tanya would not ask anything from anybody if she did not need it, she would rather give than to take, and anybody that knows her would tell you the same.  Tanya is doing her best to provide for the family, but is struggling to meet the court’s astronomical demands.  A detriment such as this, even with the requirement for money excluded, would be enough to drive any person to buckle.

The members of the Flanders family are proud, honest, hardworking, and law abiding citizens.  It is very difficult for them to ask for financial help.  So, this website has been made for them as a gift, with the hope that you will use it to contribute the necessary aid for both James and his family.  Donations, of even the smallest amount, will help James prove his innocence, and help the Flanders family survive, at least until he is home with them, where he should be.

Along with the donations, the family is auctioning off their possessions to raise additional money to cover the substantial expenses that continue to accumulate.  If you have any items that you are willing to contribute for the auctions, please email us.  The auctions will be held on this website.

If you would like to share any thoughts or well-wishes for James and his family, you may email us.  Your comments will then be forwarded to the family.  Please let us know if you would like your comments to be posted on our future comments page, or if you would like them to be kept private for the family.

Thank you for your time and for visiting this website.  Please keep James and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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